That exhausted feeling of being washed by another wave of  propaganda and judgement infiltrated my pores as I saw yet another post about “modesty” in my feed.  I’m not one to bare all, although I’m all for it if that’s you.  You do you, girl.  But I’m also not one to care about skin showing.    You have a body. You are a soul.  But don’t be afraid of your body.  Embrace it.

I’m tired of being modest.  I’m tired of being told to be small because your world can’t accommodate me.  

I’m a nurse with an artist soul.  Which means that even though I see the broken human body in a variety of forms of anguish, I appreciate beauty when it is present.  I appreciate the microcosm that is the human form, the strings of DNA that hold together a universe far more vast than the stars, that are knit together cell by cell to form an intricate tapestry of movement.

Here’s the thing the human form-your form-is beautiful. Stop sticking it in corsets, stop hiding it behind baggy sweaters.  You are beautiful.  Don’t be afraid to show your form.  Stop striving and rest, darling.  You are a tapestry of color.  The world needs your true colors.  Let them show.  

This last week was Pride weekend here in NYC.  I’m so grateful that despite living within a time period where our authorities try to take over our bodies, our minds, and rewrite our stories by calling  them fake news, we are in a culture that is more progressive than our mother’s.  That we can show our colors instead of living in a gray and white haze of conformity.   I’m so grateful for all of my beautiful friends who have broken any stereotype in my mind that confined the human tapestry to black and white.  And I will continue to support them for the valuable, beautiful, humans that they are.

So let’s stop talking about modest and talk about wearing our tapestry, bare skin to sunlight and let our souls loose to dance in the rhythm.  Let’s show our true colors.