Hey you.

My name is Amanda Berg. I’m a twenty three year old dreamer. Wanderer. Fighter. And firm believer in twinkle lights.

I want to invite you into this blog like a long lost friend. Grab a seat. Warm your hands by the fire. and soak in the candles and firelight while a cup of warm tea reaches the dusty corners of your beautiful soul. This world can be harsh and cold. This is an invitation. We all need a blanket and a place, just a small place, to find that moment where the clear morning air cleans out our heads.

I’m in the business of healing. When I was little with a play stethoscope, and some tape, I used to try to help stuffed animals. Now I get to help people, and I love every gritty moment of it.

My life is complicated, sweet, and something I’ve fought to protect.

I pray this blog will be a tiny way I can help fight for you, cheer you on like a cheerleader at homecoming. So come home. Stay a bit. And I’ll cheer for you with every ounce of me.


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